Frequently Asked Questions

Packers And Movers

Q1. How many quotation i need before shifting?

Ans. Before Shifting you have to take 2-3 quotes because when you get in touch with 1, you can not get the market price.

Q2. What are the main factor for define full packing cost?

Ans. The main factors are how much goods you need to move. The 2nd most important thing is how long you are shifting. If you are shifting within the city with 2 BHK it may cost 4000-9000 and if you are shifting this for long-distance charges may vary.

Q3. Is the packers movers have GST registration?

Ans. Yes, Every packer mover has GST or any other registration. If there is no reg. then will not join them in our Platform. You should always demand any government registration too.

Q4. How much time packers movers given to hire to another city or local?

Ans. Normally you should call the packers movers company before 4-5. Because if you are in a hurry you have to pay more normally. Packers Movers prepare the schedule for packing 1-2 days before. If you call them in hurry they will arrange the labor, vehicle, and packing material for you, it may cost extra sum.

Q5. Does Packers Movers shift locally?

Ans. Yes, Packers Movers provides full packing moving service local and long-distance moving.

Q6. What type of vehicle used to move my goods?

Ans- It is decided by packers movers company by estimating your household goods. If you want to move a few items then the truck will be small if you want to move a full house then it will be Mahindra Pickup,14,17,19,24, and 30 feet trucks as per your household goods.

Q7- What is goods insurance coverage based on?

Ans- At first, You should demand insurance from the moving company. If you did not demand they will not give you the security of damages or any loss. You have to pay some extra but you can cover the damage or loss if happens.

Q8. Mode of contacting Shifting service providers?

Ans. You can contact packers movers by searching on the internet for - Packers and movers in your city. You can call or give an email with your requirements to or search other companies by searching on the internet.

Q9. Do movers charge by weight or volume?

Ans. Yes, if you have a few items like cartoons, suitcases, or others then they will ask you for the door delivery and will charge you sum with weight dimension and volume.

Q10. Can i leave movers alone?

Ans. Packers Movers Labor will need to stay out of their way while packing but it is good to be close enough so they can find you if they need you.

Q11. What does full packing service mean?

Ans. Full packing means -packing, loading, unloading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, rearrangement of your household goods.

Q12. Do Packers movers wrap furniture?

Ans. Yes, they wrap furniture, in some times if your furniture can fold they dismantled the furniture in parts and pack them with safety so that scratches would not happen. Some time furniture would not get dismantled so they also pack it with safety.

Q13. Some tips while selecting packers and movers in India?

Ans. Try to visit their office premises. Avoid cash payment always try to pay online or by cheque payments so that you have Proof of paying the bill. Get free packing moving charges quotation in advance. Ask all questions in your mind regarding the service. Very cheap price relocation is not a good option always. Beware of some duplicates coping with the brand names. Always watch customers review and online complaints regarding packers movers company.

Q14. Is packers and movers allowed in all India?

Ans. Yes, packers and movers allowed in all of India. But in some places, there is no entry place so always ask for movers packers company 1st.

Q15. Will packers movers pack dressers with clothes in them?

Ans. Yes, Packers Movers pack all the clothes in their cartoons or your suitcases wrap them with 2-5 packing material layers.

Q16. Do Packers movers disassemble beds?

Ans. Yes, if your bed or any furniture can be disassembled, they do this. After disassembling they pack and load the items to move to another location.

Q17. Should you help your packers movers?

Ans. You are wondering about packers movers because they are professionals and they have special techniques for packing moving. So it is better to handle the full packing moving process to make sure everything is properly packed.

Q18. How do I prepare my house for a Packer?

Ans. Clean your house and turn off all the electronic items before they start their packing. You always have to side your cash and jewelry to ensure they are safe because in India most of the packers movers company did not guarantee this.

Q19. What do Packers Movers load first?

Ans. They always load the heavy and big items 1st like a bed, mattress, refrigerator, tv, tables, couches, chair etc., and all the other items you have chosen for shifting.

Q20. What is the cheapest way to move long distance?

Ans. Apart from moving with a separate vehicle, you should choose to send your goods via a shared vehicle where other peoples send the goods near your location. The packers movers company always ask you about this, so How can I move things cheaply.

Q21. Is it cheaper to move furniture or buy new?

Ans. If you are moving within the city so it will be cheaper not to buy new furniture but if you are moving to another city then you need to ask for a quotation include and exclude the big items of furniture.

Q22. Will packers movers move suitcases?

Ans. Yes, packers movers move suitcases and cartoons also. If you have too many goods including a suitcase then it will go through transport. If you only have a suitcase or cartoon then it will go with per kilogram majors with volume, dimension etc.

Q23. Will packers movers pack alcohol?

Ans. Avoid carrying Alcohol, jewelry, or cash or expensive stamps, or any other expensive items during the move. You should carry these expensive items on your own because such items can not be insured while transportation.

Q24. How much does it cost to hire local packers movers?

Ans. Normally it takes 2-3 hours for a 1BHK you can estimate your own.

Q25. Do Packers movers disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Ans. Yes, All the service providers have a professional labor team. They disassemble the furniture and resemble it to another location. They also rearrange your household after unpacking and reassembling.

Q26. Can i move my car anywhere in India.

Ans. Yes, you can move your car by contacting any of car carrier service providers in your city. also provides some car carriers companies details to give you a hassle-free service with a low-cost door to door delivery.

Q27. What if my car got damaged while shifting?

Ans. Damages are sometimes avoidable so you always demand insurance for your car from the car carrier company.

Q28. What is the average cost to move a 3 bedroom house?

Ans. The average cost depends on the shifting service you need. If you are relocating locally then it will be a lower cost for 3 BHK, but if you are moving to another city then it depends on the distance and quantity of your goods.

Q29. How long does it take packers movers to pack a house?

Ans. Normally it takes 2-3 hours for a 1BHK you can estimate your own.